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Creativity & Innovation for Study Programme students

Creativity & Innovation for Study Programme students

Seven lucky students from Martec’s Study Programme had the opportunity to visit the new LEGO® Education Innovation Studio at Newcastle-under-Lyme College in June. Taking part in a Lego Workshop, the students were able to experience the many first-class science, literacy, computing, design technology, engineering and maths related resources. Aimed at developing creative thinking and practical problem-solving skills, the students focused on robotics, constructing and finally testing out their own creations. A great day was had by all.

17th May 2017: Free IMI Information Session

As part of the Government’s drive to start 3 million new Apprentices by 2020, from 1st May, changes have been introduced to the way Apprenticeships are funded. Employers will either be part of the Levy or may have to co-invest with the Government when taking on Apprentices in the future.

There are also major changes in the way Apprenticeships are delivered, which will require much more involvement from the Apprentice’s Employer.

The IMI (Institute of the Motor Industry) will be holding an information session on Wednesday 17th May at Martec Training, to explain the changes and answer any questions that you may have. A light lunch will be provided.

If you are able to attend, please let us know in advance by calling 01782 717272 or email us here.



Smart Fleet Solutions & Martec Training launch first hybrid awareness programme

Smart Fleet Awareness Day

Staffordshire based Smart Fleet Solutions together with Martec Training and Education have successfully launched the County’s first hybrid / electrical vehicle Awareness Day.

A first for the body and paint sector, the Awareness Day was designed to ensure that mechanics working with hybrid vehicles are aware of the potential dangers. Also serving as a means to upskill colleagues, mechanics and apprentices on and around the latest technologies and innovations linked with electric vehicle repair and maintenance, the course included;

  • Hazards of working on and around hybrid/electric vehicles.
  • Good working practices.
  • Precautions that can be put into place.
  • The job roles affected.
  • Identification of dangerous components.
  • Specialist tools and equipment.

The first courses of its kind for the body and repair industry, Smart Fleet Solutions and Martec will ultimately deliver the Awareness Session to 160 people across Smart Fleet’s four technical sites. This first Session was held at Smart Fleet Solutions’ Cold Meece site in Staffordshire. Working with 40 people on this first course, Chris Whitefoot, Refurbishment Manager at Smart Fleet Solutions and lead in the development of this programme of learning, speaks of the reasons behind its inception:

“As a proactive organisation, it is very important to us that our staff are always equipped with the most recent industry and technological knowledge, to enable them to safely do their job to the high standards that we require. Electrical and hybrid vehicles are very much here to stay and will be a part of the motor industry’s future; as such, through this special awareness programme, we aim to train and develop our workforce ahead of industry change.”

Further to attending the Awareness Session, a select number of colleagues will be offered the opportunity to work towards a Level 2 Award in Hybrid Electric Vehicle Operation and Maintenance and a Level 3 Award in Hybrid Electric Vehicle Operation and Maintenance.

Working closely with Chris Whitefoot, who is also the ambassador for Apprenticeships, Traineeships and Technical Training at Smart Fleet Solutions, Tracey Marson-Holland, Director at Martec Training and Education, comments on the opportunity that this event presents to the people that both organisations work to support:

“Giving mechanics the opportunity to learn and understand emerging skills and technology before it becomes completely mainstream is a powerful advantage. Hybrid and electric vehicles are a growing force and the reality is that mechanics will have to work on these vehicles more and more as the years go on. For an apprentice to be able to access focused training at this early stage of their career is fantastic. Investment into the rolling out of this training also ensures that Smart Fleet Solutions has a highly skilled workforce that will grow with the organisation.

Apprenticeship Levy launches on Thursday!

Launching this Thursday (6th April 2017), The Apprenticeship Levy is really happening! To help you manage your available funds, the Department for Education and Skills Funding Agency has developed the Apprenticeship Service which is now live. If you will be paying the Apprenticeship Levy you will need to register on the online Apprenticeship Service.

We are happy to discuss how your company might be affected by the Levy and whether you will need to register on the Apprenticeship Service, please call us on 01782 717272 or email us on info@martectraining.co.uk

Martec discuss female apprentices in IMI Magazine


Tracey Marson-Holland discussed ways to increase female apprentices.

Martec’s Tracey Marson-Holland has featured in the April 2017 issue of IMI Magazine talking about the need to attract more females into apprenticeships. Opening up the opportunities currently enjoyed by the male majority, Tracey discusses the ways in which the industry could increase its appeal to women thinking of alternative routes into employment.


Focus on Harry Lovatt as NAW2017 draws to a close

As National Apprenticeship Week 2017 draws to a close, we are very proud to share with you some coverage from Staffordshire County Council, on our own Harry Lovatt, who has been working with Madely Heath Motors since August 2016. It’s great to see you doing so well Harry. Well done! The full write-up can be seen on Staffordshire County Council’s Twitter feed @StaffordshireCC



Martec trip in the press


Keeping everyone in Staffordshire up-to-date on the goings on at Martec, we were delighted to see this great piece covering the Belgium trip!

Martec travels to Belgium

Belgium 1 Belgium 3 belgium 5 Belguim 4Supporting Ofsted objectives to develop student’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural development (SMSC), a group of students from Martec had the opportunity to travel and tour a variety of World War One battlefields, landmarks and museums in Belgium in February.

Staying at Ypres in Flanders, the students were able to experience the same environment as many of the British soldiers who were once stationed there. Lead by a small group of teaching and tutoring colleagues, the group’s experience was a memorable one.  Tutor Connor Clarke expands on the benefits gained from the visit:

“The benefit of the trip to the young people involved, extended beyond our expectation; not only from a historical perspective but also in terms of respect, independence and trust. Everyone that we took along with us communicated excellently with local people, respected the Belgian culture and behaved impeccably throughout the stay.”

Sentiments mirrored by fellow tutor Carl Hobson, who goes on to say:

“The students certainly benefitted from experiencing a different culture – be that just for a short period. Taken aback by the number of war dead who were the same age or young than themselves, the students showed great respect at the Menin Gate where the “last post” is bugled. Every student on the trip has expressed their desire to return to Belgium to enable them to take in more of what they had experienced.”

Having facilitated trips to the Gambia in recent years, Phil Lee, Study Programme Manager at Martec talks about the benefits that this travel opportunity provided to the young people participating:

“All education providers in England must show how well their pupils develop in SMSC. Supporting young people through apprenticeships, training and other GCSE options in Staffordshire, we are passionate about enabling our students to experience the same opportunities that travel and learning in another country can provide. Increasing confidence and independence, as well as experiencing a different culture, we are looking forward to seeing how our young people get on.”

More trips are already in the planning for later in 2017.

Martec Open Day in the press


Further to our Open Day on the 18th January 2017, we are pleased to share with you the coverage that we received in the Sentinel newspaper! Hoping to show young people that an Apprenticeship is a fantastic choice for achieving career aspirations, our Open Day welcomed young people from across the area. If you were unable to attend, but are interested in learning more about what training packages and Apprenticeship opportunities we offer, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We are here to help!

To view the full article, please follow this link: http://www.stokesentinel.co.uk/open-day-staged-to-encourage-youngsters-to-consider-apprenticeships-more-business-news/story-30080062-detail/story.html


Eyes on the prize: The changing tide of Apprenticeships


Back in the day, leaving school, joining a company and learning on the job was part and parcel of becoming an adult. Back then, any form of further education was solely reserved for the high fliers of the classroom. However, as time went on, University become very much the ‘norm’, with thousands of young people choosing to bridge the gap between home and independent living with a move to another town or city whilst earning a degree to set them up for their future. A rite -of passage to adult-hood, flying the nest without going to university became considered as more of an anomaly than the alternative.

Another generation down the line and it looks like things may be changing again. Investment by the government into the promotion of Apprenticeship initiatives combined with post Brexit economic worries and increasing university fees and one can’t help but wonder if Apprenticeships are making a come-back as the more attractive career path option?

A staple within the strategy of many of the world’s most forward thinking organisations, Apprenticeship programmes are a clear and logical way to cultivate skills and talent in-line with the requirements of the job. Whilst university students spend three years learning the theoretical, apprentices are doing the job, learning and gaining hands-on experience of the role and the company. So when it comes to recruitment, the choice between an in-experienced graduate and an already bedded-in and experienced apprentice, the decision is often not too difficult.

Heading up an apprenticeship training programme in Staffordshire Tracey Marson-Holland, Director at Martec Training and Education, has been working with industry leaders and young people for the past 15 years. Seeing first-hand the positive impact that apprenticeship initiatives have both for the supporting organisation and the person taking on the apprenticeship, Tracey believes that apprenticeships cannot fail to offer a strong and valid route to employment:

“Professional experience is a valuable asset to any person looking to gain entry into a specific sector. Offering an array of distinct advantages, the skills, experience and confidence gained through an apprenticeship scheme ultimately provides a key tool when it comes to getting your foot through the door.”

Exposed to the business community that they want to make their career in, Apprentices have the opportunity to forge relationships with key professionals, building a network that will help them in their learning and potential employment opportunities.

“An Apprentice also has the opportunity to witness the inner workings of an organisation, enabling them to understand the culture and its unique working practices – knowledge that could prove pivotal in an interview situation. Learning through practical experience an Apprentice has the space and the support to make mistakes and learn from them – a factor that may not be tolerated in any other circumstance – enabling them to improve and build their expertise in their chosen area.” Continues Tracey.

Unlike many students working to obtain the skills needed to enter a specific industry sector, apprentices get paid. A minimum wage, set by the government, is available to anyone participating in an apprenticeship scheme. Swapping the debt of university for three years of solid earnings, the chose to get paid whilst you train is a tempting one for growing numbers of young people.

Enabling young people to leave education and get straight onto the career ladder, Apprenticeships offer a way to advance quicker in a career. A feasible alternative to university, it has been found that apprenticeships often offer more employment security. A study facilitated by The Sutton Trust found that 90% of apprentices stay in employment, with seven in 10 staying with the same employer.

Apprentices can also end up earning more than some graduates. The Sutton Trust found that people who had completed level five apprenticeships were expected to earn £52,000 more over their lifetimes than graduates from non-elite universities.

Tracey concludes: “From what I have seen and experienced with the hundreds of young people that we have worked with since we began Martec in 1982, enhances my belief that choosing the apprenticeship route is the way forward. Once seen as a secondary option when compared to further education, apprenticeship schemes are coming into their own and many savvy youngsters out there are realising for themselves that the best way into a career that they want is through hands-on learning from the ground up.”