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Rudolph: Star Apprentice


If you thought that leading the pack on the most important night of the year came along by chance think again. We all know the story of Rudolph and how he saved the Big Man’s bacon on Christmas Eve, but have you ever stopped to think of exactly how he got that opportunity? Through a well-earned apprenticeship that’s how!

From the moment Rudolph joined the Cringle team, he was learning on the job. A few crashes, bungled flights and quite some time learning how to blend in with an already established team, all formed Rudolph’s introduction to the world of work. It wasn’t easy at first…nothing worth-while ever is, but he stuck to it with the support of the people (OK, make that Reindeer) around him. An individual through and through, even Rudolph’s unique ideas and approaches to the job (who had ever thought that a bright red shining nose would do the trick at flight central before??) were embraced and fine-tuned to enable him provide real value to his employer.

In short, the moral of the story is this: If you have your heart set on a certain career, but can’t figure out exactly how to make that happen, then consider an apprenticeship scheme from Martec. Helping you with our own special dose of Christmas magic, we will support you in finding the perfect placement for you, where, like Rudolph, you will soon be flying high.

If you want to make your New Year a fantastic one by joining an Apprenticeship scheme with Martec in 2017, click here to get in touch and we will tell you HO-HO-How to get involved!

Merry Christmas from the Martec team.

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