An apprenticeship is an ideal way for you to support your current workforce and train an Apprentice within your business. The Apprentice will build knowledge and experience through the mentoring programme you supply and the training received through day release at Martec.

How to recruit an Apprentice?

If you think you are able to offer an Apprentice an opportunity within your workplace please give us a call on 01782 717272. From there, we will arrange a visit to your place of work to discuss how the Apprenticeship programme works. A Health and Safety check is carried out to ensure the environment is safe for an Apprentice. If you are happy to go ahead we will advertise and recruit for you. You will be able to interview potential Apprentices before offering a trial. The trial lasts for 6 weeks and at the end we hope you will be in a position to offer the Apprentice a placement for them to complete their qualification. Before starting the Apprenticeship a representative from your business (the Apprentices mentor) will be asked to attend Martec to sign up to their roles and responsibilities as part of the students Apprenticeship.

What happens during the Apprenticeship?

All Apprentices at Martec complete ‘Standards’. As part of the standard you must assign the Apprentice a Mentor. The Mentor will be responsible for guiding the Apprentice in the workplace, logging on to their online portfolio to mark work, arranging that the Apprentice can attend weekly day release and agree when the Apprentice is ready for End Point Assessment.

As part of their learning Apprentices must attend weekly day release classes for one day a week. The time they spend at Martec is paid time by yourselves as part of their Apprenticeship programme. During this time the Apprentice will complete 2 Gateway assessments to prepare them for their End Point Assessment.

Apprentices must complete a minimum of 20% off the job learning, and log this on their e log book. Off the job learning can include:

For the current rate of pay for Apprentices please click on the following link:

At the end of the Apprenticeship

Once the Apprentice has completed all Gateway assessments, all documents have been uploaded to their e log book and off the job hours log has been completed, a meeting is held with the Employer, Apprentice and Training Provider to sign a tri partied agreement where the employer agrees that the Apprentice is ready to sit their End Point Assessment and complete their Apprenticeship.

The End Point Assessment is an assessment by an external body (agreed between parties which organisation this will be). The Assessment normally lasts 3 days and covers knowledge, skills and behaviours learnt throughout the apprenticeship. Assessment of these is done by professional discussions, observations and review of work completed. The End Point Assessment cost is covered in the initial amount you are able to claim to cover the cost of the training. However any EPA resit charges are an additional cost to the Employer.