We follow governmental principles on British Values throughout Martec, these are:


– Individual Liberty
– The freedom to live as you wish and go where you want.
– Helping you to making informed choices.
– Taking responsibility for your choices and exercising them safely.
– Making sure you know your rights


– Rule of Law
– Fairness in the way people are dealt with.
– Exploring the laws that govern and protect us.
– Understanding the consequences if these rules are broken.
– Considering that these may be different from religious laws.


– The belief in freedom and equality between people.
– A broad general knowledge & respect of public institutions and services.
– Helping you to influence decision-making through the democratic process.
– Explaining the advantages and disadvantages of democracy.


– Mutual Respect
– Tolerance of those with different respects and beliefs.
– Understanding how your behaviour has an effect on your own rights and those of others.
РRespecting other people’s differences, other cultures and ways of life.
– Challenging prejudicial or discriminatory behaviour