A Motorcycle Technician apprenticeship usually lasts 18-24 months.

With over 32 million vehicles on the road, the demand for highly skilled mechanics to repair, maintain and keep them roadworthy will always be present therefore a skill which will always be needed in this industry.


You will gain an Institute of Motor Industry Level 2 Apprenticeship in Motorcycle Maintenance &
Repair. You can potentially progress onto an Advanced Level Apprenticeship.


The best foundation for a career as a Motorcycle Technician is through an apprenticeship. You will learn both the practical and theoretical elements of motorcycle mechanics and electronics, from engine and exhaust systems to security features. Duties will commonly include servicing bikes, carrying out checks and general maintenance, repairing and replacing faulty parts and components, producing cost estimates and maintaining repair and service records.

As an apprentice you will earn whilst you learn and much of your practical experience will come from supervised work in the garage itself. You will attend our technical college at Martec on day release to obtain your underpinning knowledge. Depending on your Maths, English and ICT grades, you may be required to attend Martec on day release to complete Functional Skills qualifications in these subjects.

Like all vocational training the qualification is competence based. This means that it is linked to your ability to perform a range of tasks connected with your work. You will plan a programme of development and assessment with an assessor and your employer and compile a portfolio of evidence to prove your competence and knowledge.


You will be paid the nationally recognised apprenticeship wage. See here for more information:
Apprenticeship Pay


There is no cost to you to attend this course.


“I enjoyed working in a real work environment for 4 days a week as I love working in a hands-on way. The technical classes and knowledge I have gained through my apprenticeship at Martec has been fantastic. To top it off I earned a wage whilst studying for something I’m so passionate about”
Jonathan Holdcroft

“Motorcycles are a massive part of my life, so it made complete sense for me to work with them after I finished school. I found Martec training and went along to see what it was about. I am so pleased that I did as I now have the qualifications to help my career. I would eventually like to open my own business repairing Motorcycles.”
Jessica Fellows